What you need to know

In the event of a “No-Deal” Brexit all freight leaving or arriving in the United Kingdom will be required to undergo Customs formalities both in the UK and in Europe.

Hedleys are working to ensure our Road services to and from the EU continue with as little disruption as possible.
In order for us to arrange customs clearances on your behalf, there are a number of things we will need that you may not previously have had to provide.

Firstly, if you are a UK, or EU company, trading across UK/EU borders, it is VITAL that you are EORI registered. If you are unsure whether you have registered, you can check on the link below, or contact us for advice:

This link is only valid until 29 March 2019

If you are not yet EORI registered, you can find out further information, and make the application using the link below:

Required Information

All commercial shipments will require an invoice; this will need to show the exporter (usually the seller), the importer (usually the buyer), full details of the items being shipped, including material/s, and value in local currency.

Personal shipments (such as a movement of property from one residence to another) will require a pro-forma, or shipping invoice; this will need to confirm full details of item/s being shipped, including the material/s.

We can identify the Tariff (Commodity) code on your behalf – based on the information provided, or you can check using the link below: