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Stuart Chard

Having held various positions at Hedley's Paris during the last 12 years, from humping furniture to installing contemporary artworks, I am now one of the managers in the Paris branch, dealing with every aspect of the business to better serve our clients.

"Our first ever shipment went to the Flea Market. It has to be the biggest in the world, so we set up a sales office right in the middle"
Steve Hedley

"Bonjour Lalya, juste un petit mot pour te dire que cela a été un plaisir de travailler avec Camel, Paul, Stuart et Paul. Ils ont été très professionnels et super sympathiques. A bientôt et bonne fin d’après-midi. Merci pour tout!"

Agnes Niemczycka

I have many years experience with shipping companies in the UK and moved to Hedley’s Paris to develop my career in the world of international shipping.

Lalya Diabira

I graduated as a multimodal freight forwarder and started in 1995 as junior assistant to Hedley’s former export manager. When he left I took over his position and created with our clients a professional, friendly and pro-reactive relationship. After 19 years of career at Hedleys I have made mine our boss motto "you can make it happen !" if it is ok with you...